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It’s hard to imagine a successful business without an Instagram page, VKontakte profile or telegram channel today. There are millions of users concentrated on social networks, and your clients are 100% among them. How to attract a potential audience from social networks?

Text for posts is a separate type of content, actively involved in Internet marketing and SMM, aimed at arousing the interest of readers, developing a project or business.

At the Copyright Agency of Maria Litarova, articles are created by professional copywriters who use all their knowledge to write texts for social networks that bring results.

Choosing a platform for publishing, promoting and doing business

Writing good texts for posts has little in common with traditional rewriting and copywriting. Other rules apply here regarding style, formulation and implementation of the task, a more non-trivial approach is practiced.

Creating catchy, working, income-generating articles for social networks is not as easy as it seems. Content, the purpose of which is to maximize likes, engage and retain the audience, and stimulate sales, is thought out in advance. Stylistics, way of presenting information, emotional message, even emoticons and sentence construction – basically everything. Our advice is to entrust this work to specialists who understand all the nuances.

Before ordering articles, it is worth determining your target audience in order to get an idea of which social networks you will post on and conduct business on. Each network has a specific direction:

Instagram. The main audience of Instagram is young girls 16-35 years old. The emphasis is on the visual, so a beautiful photo is of paramount importance. A platform for posting information and selling content. Here you can both run a personal blog and sell.
Facebook. It is distinguished by an expanded audience - on Facebook you will find profiles of men and women of all age groups, mainly the most solvent - 20-50 years old, and therefore B2B, information and advertising content is effectively promoted here.
Telegram. Messenger has long ceased to be used simply for sending messages; today every self-respecting blogger has a Telegram channel and is very effective for business.
TikTok. The relatively young social network TikTok has received an appropriate audience - teenagers and students, which is why it is interesting to promote products for young people and entertainment content. With the growth of popularity, business began to actively promote itself on the Internet, and therefore posts with informational content are relevant here too.
VKontakte - today it is most popular in Russia and can be used to promote entertainment and selling content.

There are and will always be differences in the writing and design of advertising, information, and entertainment posts on each of the platforms. They are united by clarity of structure and presentation, accessibility and ease of understanding by the user, and compliance with the search queries of potential buyers. SEO optimization and a semantic core are needed everywhere. But key phrases are not the most important thing. When we are talking about text for a telegram channel or a post for Instagram, the content is much more important, then it will be interesting and in demand.

See examples of work

Need to make articles for social networks? Copywriting agency of Maria Litarova!

The harmony of text and pictures, and a well-designed message in posts is an effective tool for developing a page on social networks. We create content that clearly talks about your advantages and benefits, directing potential audiences directly to you.

Explain your idea to us and we will send you ready-made example texts. If it suits you, fruitful cooperation awaits us!

Leave a request for texts for your business - and we will contact you with you within 30 minutes.

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