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Maria Litarova

Agency head
We work on real cases, we guarantee the best result

Kind, sweet and caring. Always ready to change the plan figure by +100,000 thousand. Lovingly reward the copywriter with a generous +50k. or open a new direction. With her light hand, the agency mastered the IT theme, switched to turnkey landings, increased the number of authors by 3 times and confidently continued its expansion from the Runet market to the bourgeois market.

We love-appreciate-respect (if anything, these are her words, but we want to go on vacation)!

Julia Palyoshka

Client Search Manager
Client Search Manager

Agency Lead Magnet. Modest shy Yulichka leads freelance accounts. We owe her high ratings, fat clients and excellent reviews.

Carefully! If you decide to doubt that our team is not competent enough in matters of IT, crypt, technology or hardware – you will find caustic sarcasm in the style of “Have you looked at examples of the work that I sent you or are dummies now being published on Habr?”)

Artem Shestakov

Chief Editor
Competent text, without "water" and spamming? Let's organize now!

An important person in the Agency. Not a single mistake, or typo will pass by his keen eye. Literate. Attentive. Approaches work tasks with responsibility. It is he who is engaged in proofreading, proofreading, editing texts before the materials are sent to the customer. Additional skill – English level C1.

Knows programs for checking text:

Checks each text on AI.


Copywriter (Crypto, technology, gambling; English, Ukrainian)
Texts in English - in Easy!

Despite the fact that the youngest copywriter in the agency, he is best able to cope with English-language texts. Proficiency in the language at C1 level. He writes well on various topics.

In addition to English, he does an excellent job with texts in Ukrainian. Originally from Western Ukraine, the purest Ukrainian language.

Crypto, technology, gambling – all topics in which he is an expert.

Miroslav’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (SEO, English)
Translate the text or bring the site to the top search results? Let's do this and that!

This lady speaks 5 languages: English, German, Polish, Slovak, Czech. Perfectly understands the topics of IT, website optimization.

Her high level of English proficiency allows her to write for the US and Canadian markets.
He writes for Forbes and Wikipedia.

Irina’s portfolio ⏩ mоre

Vika IT

Copywriter (Translation, IT, iGaming)
Text on IT topic? In English? I will write in 24 hours!

She left IT to devote herself to copywriting. Since 2020, a permanent translator from English. Easy will translate any text into English.

Worked with Xbet brand, DotBit.

Vika`s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (English, Italian)
Send your technical task, we will understand

He knows how to create effective content for different areas. Appreciates and respects the personality and uniqueness of each client. Suitable for completing tasks, taking into account the tone of voice of the business.

He has a higher education in journalism. Levels of knowledge of foreign languages: English C1, Italian C2.

She lived in Italy for a certain time, so she can easily cope with texts in Italian.

Alena’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (English, Russian and Ukrainian)
Write about cosmetics, appliances, repair services, crypto? Easily!

Texts that sell for different business areas. Practices writing content “About us”, describing the benefits of a product / service, the history of creation and business development processes, easily describes the ways of promotion and possible difficulties. Do you need motivational scripts for video clips, advertising texts? And deal with it on easy!

She has a pedagogical education (English teacher). Clearly, meticulously, to some extent meticulously proofreads each work.

Grammar is well-trained like his students in the classroom.

Portfolio of Denis ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (Business, Whitepaper, SEO, English)
Are you interested in IT, crypto or any other field?

Approaches the work with responsibility. Only takes on serious projects. Literate. Pros in crypto, games and SEO.

Writes for business. Practicing whitepaers in English.

Ivan’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (Ukrainian and Russian languages)
Copywriting. Photo. Sport. Books. Music. And what, it can be combined!

She has 6 years of experience behind her. Professional in creating creative texts on various topics. She has diverse interests – she is fond of photography, sports, books, music. It also creates such Reels that will increase the reach of your profile by 100%.

Victoria’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (Blockchain, NFT; English)
Do you want to throw an article about crypto or NFT?

Russian and English – on easy. The most savvy of the team in the NFT, Blockchain technologies, DeFi projects. Wrote for Solana Vegas Club, behind the shoulders of the creation of several whitepapers

Anastasia’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (SEO-texts in Russian)
Text content is not just a collection of words. It's like art - not everyone will understand.

He knows how to choose the very word, the very phrase in order to get an article with meaning, such content that 100% sold. On “You” with SEO and informative texts. In addition to copywriting, she practices psychology and volunteering.

Tatiana’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (Articles in Spanish and Arabic C2)
Article in Spanish? No problem!

Clients are satisfied with her work. Fluent in Spanish. Writes and translates various topics. Always ready to take on a text of any complexity.

Sophie’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (Articles in Latvian)
In Latvian? No problem!

With us relatively recently, but has already managed to show her skills. Latvian is a native language. If necessary, we can show a certificate of completion of the Latvian school.

Ksenia’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (Ukrainian)
Abstract for 1 night and your deadlines will not burn through

Write abstracts, theses, term papers and works that your supervisor will like 100%. He has a higher legal education.

Diana’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Copywriter (Russian and Ukrainian languages)
Text for 25-30 tis. Sim. for one day? Can. We know how. We practice.

Likes to take on serious topics. He copes with his work with cosmic speed and can produce a finished result in a day. Mutual love with such topics: finance, cars, loans.

Alexey’s portfolio ⏩ mоre


Web Designer
Beauty in digital format

Knows how to create the very design that would attract customers. You can describe his hard skills for a long time, but it would be better to get acquainted with mоre!

Yana Zhuvanova

And that the report be submitted by the end of the month

Smart and experienced. A real pro in his field. She is appreciated by her employees. Competently and responsibly approaches work. Clearly and carefully handles finances. It is thanks to her efforts that the accounting process of the agency is optimized.

Daria Zakharchenko

SMM manager
Left IT for SMM

Loves cats and social networks. Despite such a young age, she tried herself in various fields of activity. Creative and creative. It is she who shares all the news of the company in the social networks, creates attractive creatives. She completed several courses, one of which is copywriting. Has skill`s in IT and web-design sphere. Rumor has it, she can even make a landing page layout.


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