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Texts that shape the image

You will receive a text that will bring you results

– one of the main principles of our work. The “About Us” section is the company’s business card, which potential clients, partners, and applicants pay attention to.

Who, first of all, should pay attention to the text about the company:

Before writing a text about a company, the team at Maria Litarova’s Copyright Agency fully immerses itself in the niche, researches competitors and communicates with the customer.


It is important for us to create a text that will correspond to the client’s wishes and can strengthen the brand, strengthen the image, convey values, be remembered and increase trust.

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The process of creating a section “about the company”

If you avoid cliches and fluff in the “about the company” section, you may notice an increase in traffic to your resource and a strengthening of your image. When creating an article, we pay attention not only to textual information, but also to design.

What data we may need from the client:

The presence of this information makes it possible to create a concise but full-length description, which will be further supplemented by design and layout.

Characteristic differences of the text:

In the writing process, we operate with facts, thanks to which you receive an informative description on the site, which becomes useful both for an ordinary visitor and for a potential partner.

Advantages of “about us” texts from our authors

Qualified specialists with extensive experience in various niches are working on developing the description. The ability to structure data makes it possible to succinctly, but at the same time comprehensively tell about the company, creating the right idea for the site visitor.

Distinctive characteristics of our texts:

Concise presentation of information
Semantic blocks
Response to consumer units
Additional materials

The “about the company” section is a presentation that should not be advertising. That is why we try to speak the buyer’s language, which allows us to strengthen our image and attract the attention of our partners. You get clear, attractive and useful, structured text.

In addition to the informational part, the article also contains a commercial block. We unobtrusively present competitive advantages by describing cases and benefits for the target audience, increasing the expertise and usefulness of the information.

Triggers create trust among clients, partners and potential buyers. In our articles, we pay attention to details that correctly convey information, mission, and values. Additionally, we use techniques to demonstrate expertise, which becomes the foundation of trust.

We are categorically against writing a text canvas. Thanks to this, the description for the site is diluted with lists, graphics, and tables. In the text, we talk about the needs of the audience, confirming the expertise of your company and the usefulness of the product/service. Thanks to this, in the section you can find maximum information about the formation of the company/values, features of the activity, and benefits for the buyer/partner.

When writing, we abandon cliches and standard expressions that most companies today use when describing their own activities. Simplicity of presentation, uniqueness and working exclusively with facts are what help the material work for your image.

A modern text requires a modern approach. Close cooperation with the client and interest in the result are our main guidelines during our work. Caring for the company’s image begins with the little things that you need to pay attention to. Entrust this task to our specialists, who guarantee 100% uniqueness, high quality of execution, structure and correct presentation of information. As a result, you will receive a text that accurately presents your activities to the audience.

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