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Selling text

Ordering a selling text means getting a personal manager working for your business 24/7. High-quality copywriting is effective 365 days a year and constantly brings profit.

For your business to compete successfully online, use current methods to attract customers to your website. One of these working tools today is selling text. It should be informative, well-written and designed, aimed at motivating the target audience to action.

What is selling text

Selling content is aimed at quickly promoting a product or service, and stimulates both regular customers and new ones to purchase. The degree of effectiveness of interaction with the target audience depends on the quality of elaboration and presentation of the material. Texts for the effectiveness of your sales are not just informational articles. Content whose task is to sell has significant differences:

easy readability - attract attention, but not overload with unnecessary terminology and complex phrases;
well-developed structure - to reveal the client’s pain and offer the best solution;
optimal size - 3-10 thousand characters depending on the topic is enough to provide information and maintain interest;
informative content - fully disclose the topic and answer questions from potential customers of the product or services;
optimization for the content of keywords - highly indexed by search engines and brought to the top in search results;
to interest in cooperation - to arouse a desire to take advantage of the offer.

It is clear that material written on your own in a hurry will not work. Copywriting offered by exchanges, although cheaper, often does not live up to expectations – freelance copywriters are not always professionals, and time is running out. If you are interested in increasing profitability and profit growth today (and you are), it makes sense to order content for your website from professionals. The copywriting agency of Maria Litarova offers to buy custom articles that turn site visitors into regular customers. We know how to write the most catchy descriptions for business and are interested in growing your income.

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Types of selling texts

To write truly working advertising content, you need to study in depth the available information about the company and the specifics of its activities. It is important to find out the offers and advantages of competitors, as well as understand the deep needs of the target audience. The final article should not only include dry and accurate facts about the product, but also clearly describe the advantages of the product and the benefits of the potential buyer.

High-quality SEO optimization is mandatory. How much such work costs depends on the type of article.

Selling texts can be divided into categories:

There is not and cannot be a universal template. Writing a really good text requires taking into account all the features of the company.


The goal is to arouse the deep interest of a potential client, create a space of trust, and convince them to buy the product.


In the Copyright Agency of Maria Litarova, you can order selling content at an affordable, reasoned cost. We carefully review the information, listen to all customer requirements and deliver the work within the agreed time frame. Contact us!

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