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Consultation on freelancing copywriter, translation, marketing specialist

About Freelancing

Freelancing is, in simple words, a free job. This method of earning money allows people to make money outside of specific agreements. Clients post these and other projects, and freelancers apply for them on various freelance exchanges.

Is it possible for copywriters, translators, and marketers to freelance?

To begin to sort out your first requests, it’s not enough just to create a profile on one of the freelancing exchanges. You are to blame for being different from your competitors. For this purpose, not all copywriters, marketers and relays know how to make money effectively. Sometimes people spend a lot of time and money on freelancing. In order to immediately successfully start and win their first clients without leaving home, marketers, copywriters and translators can request a consultation before freelancing with the Maria L Copywriting Agency Itarova.

Who can benefit from consultation on freelancing?

Consultation with freelancing can be:

  • copywriters;
  • transfers;
  • marketers.

What to include consultations with freelance copywriter, translation, marketer

The copywriting agency of Maria Litarova provides copywriters, translators, and marketers with further advice on freelancing. This includes:

  • assistance with target audience analysis;
  • analysis of profiles on Ukrainian and American freelance exchanges, assistance with a registered account;
  • recommendations for creating a portfolio;
  • here are some life hacks to get rid of first 3-5 prayers;
  • recommendations for how to compare to other freelancers;
  • consultation before further exposure.

Why ask for a consultation before freelancing as a copywriter, translation, marketer at the Maria Litarova Copywriting Agency – the best solution?

Marketing agents are knowledgeable about the topics of copywriting, translation and marketing and can provide evidence of freelancing jobs for marketing managers in this area. We follow the latest trends, working with popular Ukrainian and American freelance exchanges (UpWork, Freelancehunt, Fiverr etc.). 61 positive comments on Google Maps to talk about our professionalism.

How to get a consultation before freelancing as a copywriter, translator, or marketer at the Maria Litarova Copywriting Agency?

Just submit your application so that we can give you a turnaround and discuss the details!

Fill out a request for texts for your business – and we will contact you within 30 minutes*

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